About Us


d’Arcadia Treasure first embarked its journey as an exclusive, handmade jewelry manufacturerin 2007.
Itstarted off with a humble beginning.

Knowing that it was not easy to have a big responsibility in a big company with three little kids in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, Sofie decided to resign from her career and started her small business of jewelry-making.

Being supported by her two” childhood friends, Dina and Dita, who have always shared huge passion in fashion and especially deep interest in handmade goods, made their venture into handmade jewelry in 2012. As the brand grows, they were soon able to expand their product to handmade footwear and bags. All products are now available through distributors, stores, and at exhibitions across countries, as
loved by both local and foreign customers.


The name d’Arcadia Treasure was decidec upon recognizing the value of meticulous, passionate, and talented local craftmen we have at our workshop in Jalan Arcadia Raya, Bogor Indonesia. We believe that their dedication and exceptional skills in producing the highest guality of handmade jewelry, footwear, and bags is a gift that makes each of our products special. A treasure our customers can proudiy wear as it is not only made by hand but also truly comes from the heart.


The manufacture process at d’Arcadia Treasure is handled in a very organic manner. Every step of the process, from start to finish, relies on manual work.

This is made possible as d’Arcadia Treasure’s craftmen – each of their expertise- are like none other. Consisting of Indonesian jewelers, shoemakers, and bag makers. Our craftmen are sincere enthusiasts who invest their time and passion in makin sure that every piece of the exclusively designed of our goods meets the quality standard, putting customer satisfaction as their top priority.



D’Arcadia Treasure produces handmade footwear for our own brand d.a.t which are mostly using Indonesian Traditional Fabrics such as Batik, Tenun (handwoven), Jumputan (tiedye) which are also made manually combining with any other material such as canvas, denim, leather, Pu, suede, burlap, etc.

We use synthetic or genuine leather for the insole and antislip rubber for the outsole.

We are also responsible for some other clients” brand that are made by d’Arcadia Treasure using their materials as reguired.

We produces many kinds of footwear like sandals, flat shoes, wedges, heels, clogs, and boots. But our specialties is making flatshoes.

The flat shoes have become our biggest production since this type of footwear has the biggest demand in Indonesia. They wear flatties more often here than any other type of footwear.

We make our products continually with total monthly production capacity of 3.800 pairs with maximum capacity of 8.000.

We do all of this process manually. That’s why, we rely on human resources in increasing the volume.


At the same time, our craftmen handle the upper material. There are 3 layers in our upper shoes.

Top upper such as fabric, spons, and inner layer called jersey.

We glue those material together using latex spray.

If the design was approved then we move tothe sample making.

Our sample maker named Bang Aples, made these samples himself.

When the sample is done and passed the designer reguirements, he duplicates the shoe pattern into sizes


We mark the upper material using the pattern made by the sample maker into sizes reguired by brands.

The Indonesian Traditional fabric itself has many patterns in the same sheet of fabric. It is important to the marking man to think carefully since the matching pattern in each pair is one of our product strength, no matter how difficult the pattern is.

We may put left shoes pattern here and find the matching pattern of the right shoes there to meet our standard.

It is very important to inform our dear customers of this process, to let them know that in the same article they might not find the exact same design of fabric as they seen displayed online.


The marked upper materialthen cut, sew and assembled by our tailors.

This process produces upper pieces and being guality controlled by our upper supervisor.

Only the AC passed pieces can move to the next process.

We assemble the AC passed upper by our shoemakers. They formed the upper into the shoes using the shoelast with insole andthe outsole.


We assemble the AC passed upper by our shoemakers. They formed the upper into the shoes using the shoelast with insole andthe outsole.


The final process done here. The finishing team remove glue, clean any stain, burn the burlap, put the accessories, do the final OC and packaging.

The products here are ready to be distributed.